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New figures show London's 1st-time buyers need £100,000 deposit

Almost half of all house purchases in the first half of 2017 were made by first-time buyers. And according to new figures from the Halifax, those first-time buyers are having to find an average deposit of almost £33,000 with London first-timers asked to fork out more than £100,000.

In its First-Time Buyer Review, Halifax revealed that the average price paid for a first home has reached a record £207,693 with first-time buyers having to find 16 percent of that as a deposit, or £32,899.

The Halifax research exposes the sharp differences in property prices across the UK. Those climbing on to the housing ladder for the first time in London need a six-figure deposit that’s around 26 percent of the average house price, a whopping £106,577.

Compare that to Northern Ireland where a first-time buyer deposit is just £16,457 on average or Wales at £17,193. In Scotland, the tally is £21,5656.

Huge disparity in property prices across UK

The London borough of Brent is the least affordable place to buy for first-time buyers with the average cost of a first home there 12.5 times local average earnings at £459,499. For the most affordable place, buyers need to look north to the town of Stirling in central Scotland where a first home will cost £136,181, 2.9 times local average income.

Outside of London, the south-east is the region where first-time buyers will need the biggest deposit and pay the highest average price for a home – £50,144, or 18 percent of a purchase price of £409,795.

According to the Halifax figures, there were around 162,704 buyers sealing a deal for their first home in the first six months of 2017. Help-to-buy schemes are credited with increasing the number of first-time buyers entering the market, with the Halifax saying the proportion has risen by 44 percent since 2013 when help-to-buy was launched.

The cost of property is also pushing the length of a typical mortgage from the more common 25 years to up to 35 years for more than half of those buying for the first time.

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