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'Never mind the quality, just feel the size of the bung'

Just whose side are Estate Agents on? And is Direct Conveyancing any better? 

A recent report suggested that referral payments made by solicitors are ‘the least important consideration’ for estate agents when recommending conveyancing firms to clients.

I have my doubts about this, as the report makes no acknowledgement of the fact that some of the largest estate agency groups refer clients to their ‘in-house’ legal departments.  There is probably as much profit made by a few dominant agencies through selling legal and financial services as actually selling properties.

One respondent commented in the Law Society Gazette’s report that agents are not influenced by referral fees:

“Of course some are influenced; I know that because we pay some. It is not enough to some that we SAY we are excellent and the best in the area, we need to throw some cash at them to get through their door. ”

Solicitors are often asked to pay over £350 for clients recommended by estate agents. Rather than charge clients £700 and pay half to the agents, Fridaysmove decided to offer quotes direct to the public, negotiating better rates with our panel of Conveyancing Solicitors and genuinely acting in clients’ interests.

Fridaysmove offer Cheaper-than-Direct Conveyancing, without compromising on speed or service.  

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