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Property Record

Mrs S receives dream Building Survey in Plymouth for dream home

Mrs S asked Fridaysmove to find her a local Surveyor to conduct a Building Survey in Plymouth.

The Victorian property, which stood in a row of thirty identical homes, was in immaculate condition. Even in a row of identical terraces, this one stood out.

No matter how pleased a buyer is by their own inspection, it is always sensible to ask a Chartered Surveyor to cast their professional eye across the property.

Real-estate is the single biggest investment most people make in their lives. For a tiny fraction of the purchase price, Mrs S ordered a comprehensive Building Survey – thus ensuring that the acquisition was prudential.

A fine and well maintained terrace in Building Survey in Devon

Mrs S would have been pleased and relieved when she received the results of this Plymouth Building Survey. The Surveyor was impressed at the home’s fine repair and stability, saying:

“In general the property is in a good, well maintained condition throughout, both internally and externally.  There are no signs of movement or cracks to indicate any problems with the foundations of the property. ”

In particular the inspector noted that:

  • The roof had been re-covered within the last 10 years.
  • The external decorations (normally a problem area even in younger houses) were “to a very good standard”.
  • There was no reason to suspect the presence of asbestos in the building.
  • There were no signs of rot or wood boring insect infestation.
  • The first floor accommodation was "in very good condition”.

This Plymouth house would have left a home renovator sitting on their hands.

Mrs S asked for a Chartered Surveyor to assure her that this Devon home was exactly what it appeared to be – immaculate. She was not disappointed. The Building Survey in Plymouth found almost nothing wrong with the Victorian property, much to the buyers delight.

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