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Property Record

A month of projects for a DIY homeowner, finds Home Buyers Survey in Swindon

Mrs F ordered a local Surveyor to carry out this  Home Buyers Survey in Swindon.

She asked the Chartered Surveyor to compile a HomeBuyer Report detailing the condition of the two storey, mid-terrace property.

The home had been built during the 1970s and was suffering from a visible lack of maintenance. Mrs F wanted to know how extensive the required repair work would be.

Repair jobs are superficial, says Property Survey in Swindon

The Surveyor returned the Home Buyers Survey to our client with a catalogue of touch-ups and patch jobs that would keep her weekends busy (or those of a hired contractor) .

Importantly, the list included few jobs that would be beyond the capacity of a committed handyperson. In fact, within a month, Mrs F could have the house in near perfect order.

Mrs F’s first four weekends in her new home

  • Saturday – Pin down hip tiles on back porch roof. While there, fix back door latch.
  • Sunday – Repointing the rear boundary wall.
  • Saturday – Pull off bottom two rows of tile on rear roof. Place felt sarking underneath and replace the tiles.
  • Sunday – Remove shrubs growing close to the rear wall to stop roots interfering with foundations.
  • Saturday and Sunday – Replace garden path.
  • Saturday – Repair garden shed walls.
  • Sunday – Stand back and admire your newly renovated and secure home.

The Home Survey in Swindon did recommend that Mrs F ask contractors to overhaul the boiler and replace the fuse board. These services jobs would not represent major costs.

The major concern for a homebuyer is that the building is structurally unsound. HomeBuyer Reports are designed to warn clients away from unsafe purchases.  

The potential buyer would have been pleased to find out that the degradation of this property did not extend beyond the aesthetic. In fact, the HomeBuyer Report confirmed that the property represented a smart investment, provided she was willing to spend some time and money on renovations.

Mrs F's Home Buyers Survey in Swindon turned out to be a to-do list rather than a don’t-do list.

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