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Modern, functional home passes Home Buyers Survey in Milton Keynes

A Home Buyers Survey in Milton Keynes has investigated a home that captures the spirit of Buckinghamshire’s ‘New Town’.

The Chartered Surveyor ran a fine-toothed comb over the modern-styled home and found the 5-year-old property to be in outstanding condition.

A modern house in a modern town for Property Survey in Milton Keynes

The three-storey home boasted three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The structure, like Milton Keynes itself, was prefabricated off-site and then inserted into the Buckinghamshire countryside.

Milton Keynes was a concept town that was designed and built during the 1960s. The ‘New Towns’, as they were known, were urban planning’s version of a stationery shop. Created with a heavy bias toward functionality, Milton Keynes offers its residents easy access to housing, business and leisure activities.

Milton Keynes has attracted criticism for its modernist, concrete-dominated aesthetic. The Buckinghamshire town, however, has seen a steady influx of new residents. Between 2001 and today, the population of ‘MK’ has grown from 184, 000 to 241, 000.

Milton Keynes Building Survey finds property to be functional and clean 

The home assessed by this Property Survey in Milton Keynes was similarly minimalistic and functional in its design. The interior offered a modern, uncluttered living space. Rooftop solar hot water panels provided both heating and hot water.  

The condition of the home was impeccable. The only minor repair noted in the HomeBuyer Report was a broken drain cover.

The subject of this Home Buyers Survey in Milton Keynes was located about 2. 5 miles from Milton Keynes city centre. Being on the outskirts of the town, the property enjoyed the advantage of backing on to a woodland area.

In light of the excellent repair in which the Chartered Surveyor found the home, he was able to state in his HomeBuyers Report:

“I am pleased to advise you that in my opinion this property is, on the whole, a reasonable proposition for purchase at a price of £218, 000. I found no evidence of any significant problems, and I cannot foresee any special difficulties arising on resale in normal market conditions. ”

This Home Buyers Survey in Milton Keynes provided a report that summed up ‘MK’ itself – modern, functional, a good location and hassle-free.


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