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A meat-eating doctor who is clean and tidy – meet your perfect housemate

Three out of four young Brits want to buy their own home, but an incredible one in seven would consider buying with a complete stranger just to get on the housing ladder.

A study by banking giant HSBC as part of its annual Beyond the Bricks Report, looking at home-buying habits and attitudes around the world, asked 2,000 Brits aged 18 to 40 about their attitudes to home ownership.

While a substantial majority (75 percent) want to own their own home to live in, 9 percent said they’d rent out a room to help pay the mortgage while 25 percent want someone to split the bills with.

Those who would seek out a housemate to help with the monthly outgoings are particular in their requirements, according to the HSBC research.

For example, the perfect house mate or “homebae” should be odour free, clean and tidy, and ideally be a doctor earning more than £50,000. In an ideal world, they would not be a vegetarian or vegan but they would love a good BBC drama, be able to cook a cracking Sunday road and be a good listener.

Here are the top 30 requirements for the perfect housemate:

  1. Pays the bills on time – 80 percent
  2. Is clean and tidy – 70 percent
  3. Keeps the bathroom clean – 56 percent
  4. Does NOT have body odour – 51 percent
  5. Is open to compromise – 48 percent
  6. Is calm under pressure – 42 percent
  7. Can do DIY – 39 percent
  8. Has savings in the bank – 38 percent
  9. Loves pets – 37 percent
  10. Is fun loving – 36 percent
  11. Does not play loud music – 35 percent
  12. Has a good credit rating – 31 percent
  13. Is a good listener – 28 percent
  14. Keeps the fridge well stocked – 26 percent
  15. Is a meat–eater – 24 percent
  16. Does NOT talk too much about themselves – 23 percent
  17. Lets you borrow their things – 23 percent
  18. Will deal with all the household admin – 22 percent
  19. Lends you books and movies – 20 percent
  20. Loves a good BBC drama – 19 percent
  21. Has monthly savings targets – 19 percent
  22. Earns over 50k a year – 18 percent
  23. Cooks a cracking roast – 18 percent
  24. Does a “chemist run” when you’re ill – 17 percent
  25. Likes to be in bed by 11pm – 17 percent
  26. Has a Netflix account – 16 percent
  27. Has a family holiday home somewhere warm and sunny – 16 percent
  28. Does not snore – 16 percent
  29. Owns a car – 15 percent
  30. Is stylish – 13 percent
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