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Martin Clunes – the country solicitor


Country Solicitors aren’t all old-fashioned 

While watching Martin Clunes on ITV1’s ‘A Mother’s Son’ the other night, I spotted a brief scene purporting to show a Solicitor’s office. Paperwork strewn everywhere, ancient filing cabinets – and not a computer terminal in sight.

It struck me that this is perhaps how people think a Solicitor’s office will look like – apparently stuck back in the 1960’s or even earlier. OK, you’ll probably still see a lot of paper in many Solicitors’ offices – we don’t seem to be able to do without the stuff – but don’t get the idea that they are still stuck in the past

The character played by Martin Clunes was a middle-aged Solicitor in a small Suffolk coastal town, so clearly we weren’t expecting some hot-shot city lawyer. But I very much doubt whether even in the depths of rural Suffolk any Solicitor nowadays doesn’t have a computer terminal sitting on their desk.  

Computers are an indispensable tool for modern Conveyancing

The Conveyancing, Solicitors I know certainly regard their computer as an indispensable tool, and crusty old senior partners who thought a typewriter was modern technology have long since been put out to pasture.

Apart from such everyday tasks as emails and correspondence, Conveyancing Solicitors need to access a variety of websites, such as the land registry site for title searches and other property information. Even small country firms now use case management systems to provide fee-earners with instant access to all the information on a client’s case.

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