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Greener homes for Londoners with Boris RE:NEW programme

The Greater London Authority has reported that 40 000 London homes are now more energy efficient due to its home retrofitting programme.

Driven by Mayor Boris Johnson’s commitment to reduce London’s carbon emissions by 60% by 2025, the scheme, dubbed RE:NEW, is active across all London boroughs.

The free home energy survey includes: 

  • Tailored energy and water saving advice during the visit to help Londoners save up to £154 on annual energy and water bills.
  • A tailor-made energy saving report once the visit is complete.
  • A range of free energy saving devices (listed below).
  • Benefit entitlement and tax credit assessment.

The project not only benefits the environment, said Johnson, it was also an opportunity for domestic households to make savings on their energy costs. The Greater London Authority predicted that the programme, which cost £7. 8 million, would return a collective saving of £4 million to the city’s households each year.

Johnson said: “I want to help Londoners tackle the cold and cope better with rising fuel bills. ”

Energy Efficiency is a financial no-brainer, says Fridaysmove Director Andy Boast

Andy Boast, Fridaysmove Director, said that London’s old homes have a reputation for being energy sinks. 80% of carbon emissions come from the capital’s buildings. “That is why we offer Londoners the cheapest EPC in the country. ”

“This scheme is great thing for London homeowners, the economy and the environment. We fully encourage people to take advantage of it. ”

“Nowadays, ” said Boast, “having an old, cold, inefficient home makes no sense at all. You are losing money and damaging the environment. Programmes like RE:NEW prove what we have learned from the thousands of EPC assessments we have commissioned – that being green is good for your bank balance. ”

The service has been rolled across all 32 London boroughs. Within each local authority one area has been selected for the scheme. You can find out if you are in one of these areas at the Greater London Authority website or by contacting your local council.

Energy efficient hardware that has been made available free of charge to those who take up the scheme includes:

  • Low energy light bulbs
  • Tap aerators
  • Radiator panels
  • Stand-by switches
  • Energy display monitor
  • Water efficient showerhead
  • Hot water tank insulation
  • Draught-proofing
  • Save-a-flush toilet devices
  • Shower timer
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