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Lib Dems and Conservatives to have HIPs abolished?

As the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats meet to thrash out some sort of political agreement, will scrapping the Home Information Pack (HIP) be top of the agenda?  Will Cameron and Clegg fail to do a deal because of disagreements over the future of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?  No, of course not! 

But it is interesting that both specifically mentioned having HIPs abolished in their respective 2010 Election manifestos.  The Liberal Democrats promised to keep the EPC but the Tories were silent on the EU-mandated energy rating certificate for buildings.

It does look increasingly bad for companies who have based their business on selling or providing HIPs.  So it might make sense to buy your HIP from Fridaysmove as we’ll be around long after the HIP bites the dust and you don’t want to pay for a HIP and have the provider go bust on you!

And it’s handy that our HIPs are the UK’s cheapest according to Which? magazine!

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