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Leicester Surveyor worth his salt

One of the areas a surveyor will focus on during a survey are the state of the drains.  If possible man holes will be lifted to confirm whether or not there are any drainage issues.

During a recent HomeBuyer Report on a property on Cosby Road,  Leicester,  LE9, two inspection covers were lifted and the drains were clear at these points.

One of the inspection covers had a plastic lid which has been broken and requires replacement.

As a result of the defective cover, 'seepage' stains were evident to brickwork near the sink waste and 'salting' had occurred.

Further invetsigation reveled internal wall salting and blistering.  Salting is evidence of rising damp and, as with all damp issues, efforts should be made to address the cause of the problem before the symptom.

However, it appeared that previous attempts had been made to resolve the issue by scraping back the plaster, inserting polythene into the walls and re plastering.  Needless to say, this attempt at DIY had not resolved the issue and all that was actually required was to seal the inspection covers correctly.

The internal plasterwork was in a sufficiently poor state to warrant the walls in the kitchen to be stripped back to brick and replastered with plaster that should prevent damp penetrating.

The inspection covers and frames were uneven in the surrounding concrete and required resetting properly to prevent further seepage.

The cost of these repairs will run into thousands and a possible adjustment of the purchase price should be negotiated.


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