Customer Testimonials

"Zak, Many thanks for your excellent work advising on lease extension of my property. Due to valuation and assistance I have obtained my extension £4000 less than initial quote and the whole process has been achieved swiftly and without undue stress. Furthermore, I would recommend your service to anyone requiring a lease extension. Best Regards James"

Dear Mr O'Sullivan,

Thank you ever so much for your kind feedback.

I am glad that our valuation has once again been able to save such a significant amount of money, in such a swift and efficient manor.

Our lease extension experts will now extend your lease by an additional 90 years at a much lower price.

Kind regards,

Zak Arden

Conveyancing Liaison



5 stars Fri 20-Jan-2012 Lease Extension
Mr O'Sullivan, Solihull, Birmingham - Lease Valuation Completed 2012

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