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Increased risk of winter rainfall means Residential Flood Search is essential for home buyers

Record-breaking rainfall is expected to fall on England and Wales in the next decade, according to the Met Office. And using an innovative research climate model, the UK’s weather watchers have predicted extreme weather could become an annual winter event.

In July, a summer storm caused extreme flooding in the Cornish village of Coverack, leading to some residents having to be airlifted to safety by helicopter as homes and businesses were ripped apart by flash floods.

After the enormous winter storms in 2013-14 caused record rainfall and extensive flooding across the UK, costing billions of pounds in clean-up costs, the Met Office set out to examine what the future risks are for the UK from more extreme weather events.

The results make sobering reading for everyone, not simply those living in places prone to flooding. According to the Met Office researchers, there is now a one in three chance of rainfall setting new monthly records in at least one part of England and Wales every winter.

Using a research method, they called UNSEEN – Unprecedented Simulated Extremes Using Ensembles – they simulated thousands of possible winters via a supercomputer, some of them much more extreme than anything we have currently witnessed in the UK.

Met Office predicts record monthly winter rainfall

The supercomputer suggested there is a 7 percent risk of record monthly rainfall in south-east England in any given winter, a risk that increases to 34 percent when all regions of England and Wales are taken into account.

Dr Vikki Thompson, lead author of the Met Office report, said: “Our computer simulations provided 100 times more data than is available from observed records. Our analysis showed that these events could happen at any time, and it’s likely we will see record monthly rainfall in one of our UK regions in the next few years.”

Forewarned is, of course, forearmed. While there is little we can do to avoid the rain aside from keep calm and carry a brolly, there is something home buyers can do to provide peace of mind that their new home is not at risk of flooding.

A Residential Flood Search is one of the most important searches your solicitor can instruct as part of the conveyancing process. It will provide extensive information about surface water, ground water and other flood risks.

Informed choice for peace of mind

If you intend to buy with a mortgage, your lender will insist that you have appropriate buildings insurance in place, which must include flood cover. Failing to secure buildings insurance means you are unlikely to be granted a mortgage. That makes it even more imperative that you have as much knowledge about flood risks as possible.

To find out more about the searches your solicitor or conveyancer will carry out as part of the transaction process, talk to the experienced Fridaysmove sales team. Their impartial, expert advice will give you all the detail you need to make an informed choice that will provide peace of mind.

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