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Property Record

Hundred-year-old home Surveyed in Gosport delivers a laundry list of repairs

Our client, Mr L, asked Fridaysmove to commission a Surveyor to investigate an Edwardian property in Gosport, Hampshire. When the local Surveyor, Mr E, returned his assessment, Mr L may have needed to upgrade his tool shed.

Tired old home surveyed in Gosport needs some TLC

This Home Buyers Survey in Gosport assessed each area of the property against a traffic light rating system.

  • Green meant that no repair was necessary.
  • Amber signified a defect that would need repair at some point.
  • Red indicated that the defect was severe and/or required urgent attention.

The report on this property catalogued 22 separate elements of the three-bedroom home.

Three elements required urgent attention

  • Severely weathered render covered the main walls. This required replacement as soon as possible.
  • Drawing on his considerable local experience, the Mr E remembered that other homes on the street had suffered from the failure of cavity wall ties. He noticed some cracking of the render that could indicate the failure of the ties. He recommended that the buyer have a structural engineer inspect the stability of the walls prior to purchase.
  • Internal walls had been removed. This would need legal certification from the buyer’s Conveyancing Solicitor.

Surveyor rates 12 more elements amber

This meant that 15 out of 22 aspects of the property required some sort of repair. The amber ratings included:

  • Deteriorating fascia boards.
  • Additional support required for the roof structure. The original slate tiles had been replaced by heavier concrete ones. This had been done without strengthening the timber frame of the roof.
  • A dip in the ceiling inside the entrance door that could indicate the failure of the lintel.

Luckily for Mr L, Gosport is serviced by six hardware stores – not bad for a town of only 80, 000.

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