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How to spot a conveyancing superstar

Choosing the right conveyancing solicitor is an important step when buying or selling a home.  So much so in fact, that it can make a material difference to your experience when moving home.

Solicitors offer a professional service and, despite the common assertion that these services have become commoditised, they are still carried out by fallible human beings – good, bad and indifferent.

Many home buyers and sellers complain of poor communication and a lack of attention on their transactions.  It is not uncommon to read about transactions have fallen through as a result of the allegedly slow pace of some solicitors.  

This comes as no surprise – the conveyancing sector is hardly famed for its proactive approach after all.  

Conveyancing Superstars

There are however many passionate and driven professionals within the conveyancing world.  Individuals who go the extra mile to keep clients and agents in the loop during the 6 -12 week voyage they share.  Individuals whose desks are usually adorned with flowers, chocolates, bottles of champagne and other client gratitudes.

Every conveyancing department has (or should have) someone like this in it and better still setting the standard. .

Alas they are in the minority however and frequently the focus of much envy.

So how do you make sure you find a conveyancing superstar?


  • Listen to or read reviews before instructing. Many can be taken with a pinch of salt of course, so read them carefully.  (We publish our feedback on our website as well as subscribing to a 3rd party review site called Feefo so you can be sure you are getting the real story – read more at Fridaysmove reviews. )
  • a slick sales process could mean a slick experience awaits.  It could also mean that the firm will lose interest in you as soon as you instruct them.  Why not allay such fears and ask if you can speak to the actual solicitor before you instruct.
  • as soon as you are assigned your solicitor the conveyancing superstar will be on the phone to you explaining the steps and urging you to complete the initial forms asap.
  • If you haven’t heard from your solicitor within 24 hours, alarm bells should be ringing.  Call them up and ask why you haven’t been contacted and if you are not happy with the answer, request that your file be handled by someone that values your custom.  This will focus their minds or get you another solicitor.
  • If at any point you feel that you are always chasing your solicitor or your file is at the bottom of a big pile – ask for another solicitor.
  • if you still feel that you are getting nowhere you can ask for your file to be transferred to another firm.  This should be a last resort as you can jump from the frying pan into the fire.


Ultimately it is you who will lose time and money if things do not go smoothly.  Moving home is stressful enough so make sure you stay in control.  


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