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How Manchester Solicitors may have left clients with a New Year tax bill

Wolstenholmes, the Manchester Conveyancing Solicitors, has been shut down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The SRA is investigating suspected dishonesty and breaches of the solicitors’ accounts and practice rules. The firm had been established for almost 200 years.

There is a possibility that Wolstenholmes were not actually dishonest, but rather took on more work than they could efficiently cope with. They may not have had the back- end infrastructure set up for handling so many sales. However, this is no comfort to the hundreds of clients who may be feeling abandoned, frustrated, angry and worried.

The timing is particularly unfortunate, given the 31st December deadline for the Stamp Duty holiday for properties with a price of £175, 000 or less. Buyers who now have to pay Stamp Duty as a result of the Wolstenholmes closure may be able to make a claim through the SRA Compensation Fund.

Fridaysmove are willing to offer advice to ex-clients of Wolstenholmes, including calls tonight and tomorrow, should they feel they need to speak to a lawyer and gain sound advice.

Click for more information or see our Wolstenholmes FAQ.

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