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How Home Information Packs can sometimes delay conveyancing

This weeks Telegraph highlights one of the reasons why is makes so much sense to have your property solicitor or conveyancer should prepare your Home Information Pack. The Jouralist Anna Tyzack in her article: How can solicitors take so long to do so little? Anna highlights her personal frustration as a home seller of the delay in a Conveyancing transaction. In her particular case the delay was at the beginning when she points out that it took over a week for her property solicitors and the buyer’s property solicitors to make contact. I suspect that initially her solicitors were concentrating on finding out the whereabouts of the Home Information Pack and checking it before it was sent on to the buyer’s property solicitor. Anna mentions that her estate agent had to step in. I suspect that they had to supply one ( or both ) of the property solicitors with the Home Information Pack.

Where a Conveyancing firm is preparing the Home Information Pack as opposed to Home Information Pack provider who only supply stand alone Home Information Packs you are much better placed to speed off the stating blocks once you have a buyer. Fridaysmove believes, and advised all potential clients that the Conveyancing process is speeded up when the Home Information Pack Provider and conveyancer are one and the same. Many callers are surprised by our frankness when well some clients who have a property solicitor in place already that they should double check with that solicitor and pay a bit extra to have it all under one roof.   This article highlights the delays that can occur where you apply for a stand alone Home Information Pack separate for your Conveyancing. In extreme cases it may even cost you a buyer…and they are not that easy to come by these days.

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