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How to be on guard when it comes to choosing a conveyancing solicitor

The Daily Mail today published an article entitled “Is your estate agent taking ‘bribes’ from your lawyer?” which recommends the following sensible advice when appointing a conveyancing solicitor:

  • Do:

    ·         Keep everything simple and separate in a conveyancing transaction

    ·         Employ a conveyancing solicitor you trust, even if he costs more.  

    ·         Remember that estate agents aid buying and selling houses and nothing more.

    ·         Demand to know in writing about any conveyancing referral fees paid.


    ·         Accept a conveyancing solicitor recommended by an estate agent – that is sufficient disqualification in itself.

    ·         Get involved in cash back deals with estate agents – get a discount on the sale price instead.

    ·         Encourage conflicts of interest – organise your solicitors and mortgage brokers yourself- this is far cheaper.

    ·         Employ an estate agent’s Home Information Pack provider – they are often costly and pay kickbacks, too (see the recent Which report).



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