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Building Survey in Dorsett inspects home older than Britain itself

A Dorsett home which was built around the time that Queen Anne ascended the throne, before the Union of Scotland and England, has been the subject of a Building Survey in Portland.

The two-bedroom home was located on the main street of the village of Chiswell. The settlement is one of eight small hamlets on the tied-island of Portland, which juts into the English Channel south of the town of Weymouth.

Building Survey in Portland describes walls of illustrious pedigree

The home dated to around 1700. Portland stone, of which the property was constructed, was made famous during the era by Sir Christopher Wren. The famous architect was the Member of Parliament for Weymouth. He used six million tonnes of stone quarried from the island to rebuild London after the Great Fire in 1666. Thus, this Dorsett home shared a rich genealogy with St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace.

“A good and well maintained condition throughout”, according to Building Survey in Dorsett

The Chartered Surveyor noted that the building was in “good, well maintained condition throughout both internally and externally” – although there were some minor works required. The Building Survey advised that before purchase, the buyer should request that a joiner be employed to complete these.  

The tradesperson would need to:

  • Investigate and quote for any necessary repairs to the second-floor stair treads.
  • Ease and adjust doors to the second floor rooms.
  • Enclose the electrical fittings in the living room and the copper pipework to the boiler in the en-suite shower room.  
  • Replace the rotten external gate.

The property was Grade II Listed, thus any alterations outside of the minor repairs in the Building Survey report would need to be in accordance with the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservatory Areas) Act of 1980.

Properties such as this one are a testament to the high-quality craftsmanship of the age. The history of modern Britain had soaked into the Portland stone walls. The buyer would have been very pleased that this Building Survey in Dorsett gave them no reason to hesitate in purchasing their own small piece of the past.

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