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The HIP is Dead, Long Live the EPC!

With the Liberal Democrats announcement that they would scrap HIPs and keep the Energy Performance Certificate or EPC (that is, if they win the 2010 Election), the Tories committed to abolishing the HIP (with no mention of the EPC) and the Polls pointing to either a Tory Win or Lib Dem involvement in Government – well, let’s just say that it isn’t looking too good for those dedicated HIP Providers!

This leaves the question of the Energy Performance Certificate or EPC, currently a part of the HIP. The EPC was created in response to the EU directive number 2002/91/EC (I bet you’re glad we told you that) on the energy performance of buildings. As such, it can’t easily be abolished.

However, if only the EPC remains, it will be considerably cheaper than a full HIP, and if they relax the criteria, further people may be able to market their homes without one but not complete a transfer of ownership.

We hope that the new Government actually talks to Conveyancers and Surveyors alike before abolishing things but can’t help suspecting that this will be as rushed and half-baked as the initial introduction of the Home Information Pack.

Do I Need a HIP?

The other big question is timing. Specifically, exactly when will the HIP be abolished (IF it is)? And now many people will be asking, “Do I Need a HIP?”

The short answer is YES YOU DO and you cannot put your property on the market without one. For now.

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The Home Information Pack scheme was officially abolished in England and Wales in January 2012. The EPC scheme remains in place, and all homeowners looking to sell or let their property must have an up-to-date EPC.

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