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Help! My Survey has revealed Asbestos at the property!

I came across a full building survey report property recently which highlighted the presence of asbestos. Upon reading the report both I and the client were concerned at the mention of there being asbestos and we will be pressing the seller’s conveyancer to have his client arrange an inspection by a specialist for advice on how to remove/deal with it. The property is situated in Gants Hill in Ilford and it is understood, having spoken with a local agent, that a large number of properties in the area have asbestos.

Many people panic at the thought of asbestos (see: asbestosis), but according to the ‘Directgov’ website as long as it is left undisturbed it should not harm. It is a naturally occurring mineral and was used in the building of homes mainly from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. It is very important to seek specialist advice if you wish to remove asbestos from the property.

As a Buyer, you should always have a survey (Home Buyers Report of a Full Structural Survey) carried out on a property you wish to buy, particularly if it is not a new build. The survey is a detailed inspection of the property and will comment on matters such as damp, timber infestation and the condition of the walls and flooring. It will also comment on matters such as the presence of asbestos which a prospective buyer would need to know about since it can be dangerous if the fibres or dust are inhaled.

 It is surprising how many people still not do not commission a substantive survey before they buy a property, choosing to rely on the lender’s mortgage valuation instead. The type of survey you should choose will depend on the age of the property and whether it has been altered.

Fridaysmove are able to offer surveys having teamed up with one of the largest surveyors in the country.

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