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"Fridaysmove provided conveyancing services for the purchase of our new flat in Stafford. We bought the flat off plan and exchanged 18 months before it was built and we could move in. The company handled the conveyancing process up to exchange, in a very narrow window, and then kept a file open for 18 months before completing the legal work at the end. What amazes us is that we were given a price of £495 and that is exactly what we were charged 18 months later. NO sneaky extras and no unfor"

Dear Gran

We really appreciate your feedback.  We have a specialist new build team who look after purchases like yours.  It is true they must keep a large number of files open - sometimes for years.

I shall forward your comments on to them. They will be very happy.

Hope all goes well in your new home.


Andy Boast

5 stars Sun 13-May-2012 Conveyancing
Grant Allison

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