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Grant Shapps gets Housing!

Grant Shapps MP has been appointed as the Housing Minister in the Coalition Government.  Read more on PublicPropertyUK.  As the Conservative Shadow Housing Minister he often vocalised his opposition to the Home Information Pack (HIPs) and is expected to bring forward the legislation required to abolish HIPs in this Parliament or soon after.

What he does with the EPC is anyone’s guess, but it is going to be retained by the Government.  So will it still be mandatory, and if so isn’t it just HIP Light!?

Grant Shapps MP has also expressed his interest in so-called Exchange-Ready Packs or Contracts to improve the conveyancing process.  What exactly these are and how they get created instantly for free is anyone’s guess!

HIP Abolition Money Back Guarantee?

We will watch the unfolding HIPs abolition with interest!  Not least because a lot of people will be thinking, Do I Need A HIP?  If that is a concern, talk to Fridaysmove about our soon to be launched HIPs Abolition Money Back Guarantee after Monday 17th May.  It will do exactly what it says on the tin!

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