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Gordon Brown may not need a HIP

Shadow housing minister  Grant Shapps has used the opportunity of  the Tory conference to once again pledge to abolish HIPs. He said: “I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: HIPs are history under the next Conservative government. “

The Conservatives have been consistent in accusing HIPs as being symbolic of the “pointless red tape” Labour had introduced in housing.

He was widely applauded by delegates for his promises and to abolish HIPs. Mr Shapps said Gordon Brown would be “the first to benefit” from abolition of Hips “when his moving van pulls up outside Number 10”

The speech comes one day after a survey commissioned by the Associaltion of HIP Providers by  Ipsos MORI revealed that the majority of HIP consumers are satisfied with the delivery of their HIP.

If there was an attempt by the Association of HIP providers to release the HIP survey results so as to convince Mr Shapps that HIPs work …well, that did not go to plan did it?

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