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Timber Infestation

A Timber Infestation occurs when the larvae or grubs of certain insects, particularly the Lyctidae and Bostrychidae beetle, inhabit the Timber of a building. The pests derive nourishment from the cells of the wood.

A Timber Infestation visibly manifests in the form of tiny holes made by these wood boring insects. These are created at the stage of life when the insects metamorphosise into an adult insect and bore their way out of the Timber.

The actual structural damage of a Timber Infestation – that can entirely undermine the structure of a building, prompting significant and expensive repairs – occurs over a period of years between the egg hatching inside Timber and the metamorphosis just described. During this time, the grub or larvae is feeding itself on the fabric of your home.

When adults reach the surface, they mate. The female then lays eggs back into the timber and the whole process is repeated.  

What should you if you suspect a Timber Infestation?

If you suspect a Timber Infestation in a property or if you are living in a property over fifty years of age, it is strongly advised that you hire a Surveyor to examine the possibility of a Timber Infestation. There are remedies to deal with Timber Infestations, but professional hands are the safest ones to take care of it.

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