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Loft Conversion

A Loft Conversion is carried out when the Loft or attic space of a building is converted into additional living space.  Increasingly, Loft Conversions are being seen as the best way to get the most out of a home. Home owners are thinking ‘Why move out, when we can move up?’ 

Why a Loft Conversion?

The answer is simple: space. Although there are an infinite number of uses that people may have for a Loft Conversion – an extra bedroom, a playroom, office, gym etc. – but the motivation at the heart of the matter is always the same: having a bigger home.

A bigger home means a better home, both for you and your family’s lifestyle and, also, for your property’s market value. Consider it as a treat and an investment rolled into one.

Things to Think About

Although the rewards of a Loft Conversion are significant, caution needs to be exercised in a number of areas:

  • Building Regulations – no Loft Conversion can proceed without building regulations approval.  
  • Planning Permission – this is a separate point. There are a series of restrictions for which planning permission is required. Make sure you are acquainted with them and understand whether or not you need special planning permission.
  • As your home extends, you will have to notify your insurer and establish if and how it will affect your premium and cover. Further, you should investigate if and how it will affect your council tax banding.
A Loft Conversion must be carefully planned. It is wise to contact a Residential Surveyor and pick their brains on these matters.
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