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Land Registry Fee

The land registry charges fees for registering any dealing with property. They most often arise when a property is transferred into the name of the new owner, or is mortgaged.  

Such fees are also payable on the first registration of a new lease, and on an application for first registration of an unregistered title (but a reduced fee will be charged for voluntary applications, i.e. where the owner asks for title to be registered but no sale or other transaction has taken place. )

The scale of these fees are set out in the land registry fee orders, the most recent of which was effective from July 6, 2009.  For a normal transfer the fee is based on the price paid, but for a re-mortgage it will be calculated in accordance with the amount of the loan. If a property is transferred without payment, such as a Deed of Gift or a transfer following a divorce settlement, the fee is based on the value of the property.

Fees are also charged for other services provided by the registry, such as supplying an official copy of a registered title or a land registry search.

The fee will have to be paid to the land registry by the buyer’s Conveyancing Solicitor when making an application, consequently the Solicitor has to obtain payment from the client. They will therefore be included in the completion statement.


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