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A house Extension occurs when a building which serves as a home is extended: this can involve building a new room (or rooms) or by making existing rooms larger. Although Extensions can be performed by home owners themselves, it is not advised that you do so unless you have experience in construction.

If your house Extension meets certain conditions, you will not need planning permission. These can be obtained from your local council. Many house extensions do require planning permission, and this is obtained from your local council.

Factors affecting the likelihood of obtaining planning permission are:

  • Listed buildings – if you are living in a listed building it may be very difficult to obtain planning permission as the building has a special status for preservation in its existing state.
  • Local development plan – house Extensions should be consistent with any local development plan of the councils. It is advised to ascertain this before you instruct any legal parties to act on your behalf in order to save costs.
Obtaining planning permission is not a black-and-white matter. You may be granted it but with certain conditions and restrictions imposed on the nature of your home Extension.
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