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Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Electrical Installation Condition Report  or ‘EICR’ is a full report on the mains wiring and associated systems in a residential or commercial property.

The report may also investigate other cabling and systems, such as low voltage lighting or a burglar/smoke alarm system, if they are connected or proximate to the mains wiring.

What does the EICR include?

The EICR is carried out by a qualified and registered electrician.  During the survey of the residential or commercial premise, the electrician will look at the system as a whole and ensure it is both safe and that it meets the necessary requirements.

Additionally the electrician will look for any evidence of:


  • damaged plug sockets
  • any defect to the earthing of the circuits
  • damaged switches
  • damage RCD’s and fuse boards
  • circuit overload or overheating
  • the suitability and compliance of fuseboards and wiring
  • the existence of RCD’s where mandated by regulations


Is it the same as a Periodic Inspection  Report (PIR)?

The PIR was replaced by the new EICR in 2012.

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