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Buildmark Cover

The National House-Builders Council (NHBC) provides warranties and insurance on construction work. The NHBC offers new homeowners insurance against faulty building practices called Buildmark Cover.

What does Buildmark Cover?

Buildmark requires builders to adhere to strict quality guidelines in order to gain NHBC approval. However Buildmark offers owners cover against defects or damage caused by builder negligence for the first two years of the building’s life.

Between three and 10 years of age, the property is protected by a more limited insurance that covers a smaller range of defects (usually those caused by weathering or ageing).

Why should I get a Home Buyers Survey on a home that is covered by Buildmark Cover?

Not all defects are covered by Buildmark, particularly after the first two years. Damage from wear and tear, condensation, shrinkage or failure to maintain the property is not considered for insurance under this scheme.

Home Buyers Surveys provide reassurance that your property is in good condition and has been well looked after at the time of sale. If the current owners have not maintained the property, you could end up paying for it.

You should also be aware that when Buildmark Cover runs out, you will want to know that your home has been well built and is going to be safe for the next ten years and beyond.

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