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Fridaysmove Survey Challenge launches

Earlier in 2012, Fridaysmove carried out a survey on a property in London which revealed a number of issues which in total cost over £40, 000 to fix.

Needless to say this significant sum came as a shock for the purchaser who subsequently renegotiated the price of the property to reflect the estimated cost of repair.

What was particularly notable about this property was that fact that it appeared to be in an excellent state of repair.  There were no obvious signs of neglect.  In fact the client informed us that it was only due to his ‘more cautious’ wife that he even commissioned the survey in the first place.  He had intended not to carry out a survey because the property seemed to be in such a good state of repair.

This made us think about just how easy it is to end up buying a home that turns out to be concealing any number of structural problems.  (It is estimated that fewer than 10% of home buyers actually get a survey. )

We therefore spoke to our online team and asked them to turn the survey of the house into a game where it is possible to examine the house in an interactive game.

The game is now launched so why not see if you can find all of the horrors lurking beneath the fascia of the house.

PLAY THE Fridaysmove Survey Challenge


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