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Fridaysmove has the transparent, fixed fees you need for conveyancing

Choosing an online estate agent can save you thousands on the sale of your property. But some sellers are being lured into a trap of choosing the conveyancing services offered by the online estate agent – and that can be a costly error.

Online estate agents usually offer a fixed fee, often paid up front, as opposed to the percentage of the sale price usually offered by traditional high street estate agents.

However, there may be strings attached to that offer that seems too good to be true. Often the online estate agent will also encourage you to sign up to their chosen conveyancing solicitor, and that’s where things can get murky and expensive.

Shop around for the best deal

You do not have to choose the conveyancing solicitor offered to you. In fact, it’s always a much better idea to do your own homework and shop around for a quote that’s particular to your requirements.

That’s what we offer at Fridaysmove. We are always transparent about the fees and costs involved in our conveyancing quotes. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay. And our team will also always make clear that there are other fees and charges you must pay during sale conveyancing.

Most of these charges are disbursements, upfront fees to third parties that your property lawyer must pay to progress your sale transaction. Find out more about disbursements here.

Actual conveyancing costs may be inflated

When your estate agent recommends a particular conveyancing solicitor, they are likely to receive commission for the introduction if you go ahead and instruct the solicitor. The cost of paying that commission will be passed on to you, inflating the actual cost of your sale conveyancing.

At Fridaysmove, we work with experienced property lawyers across England and Wales to provide high-value, low-cost conveyancing services for all property transactions.

We’re open seven days on 0800 038 6446. Or get an instant, no-obligation quote for the sale conveyancing you need.

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