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New report exposes law firm customer service woes

A recent report released by consultancy group Customer Experience in Law (CXINLAW) has called law firms “their own competitors” when it comes to the way they handle their clients’ telephone enquiries.  

“A wake-up call” for Conveyancing Solicitors

In the secret-shopper survey, which CXINLAW described as “a wake-up call for the legal sector”, the researchers placed calls to law firms across the country. Two-thirds of the calls failed to reach a legal advisor or were classed as poorly handled and only one-third of the callers felt satisfied with the service they were provided.  

A changing market presents a challenge to law firms

“The overall customer experience that law firms provide their clients, ” the consultancy predicted, “will be a key success factor that differentiates the ‘best from the rest’ in a changing legal market. ”

The legal market is evolving. The way we purchase services has shifted. We no longer walk through the front door of our local Solicitor’s offices and ask for their help. Instead we use the Internet as a powerful consumer device to compare and contrast those competing for our business.

In this new paradigm, would you prefer to have a Conveyancing Solicitor who is getting acquainted with the finer details of your property transaction or one who is focused on perfecting a sales pitch? 

Fridaysmove combines the best Conveyancing Solicitors with excellent customer service

The CXINLAW survey found that only 8% of their callers felt that the service they received was ‘outstanding’. Andy Boast, Fridaysmove Director and Head of Customer Service, said that the Fridaysmove team asks all customers whether they would use their services again. Fully 97% said that they would return to us next time they buy or sell.  

Boast said that this was not only testament to the quality of Fridaysmove’s network of solicitors. It also reflected the team’s commitment to a quality customer experience from the moment they first pick up the phone.

“Communication is key to a successful home move. We have all heard of clients who were unable to speak to their Solicitor when they need them; they are either on the golf course or they are hidden behind their secretarial support staff. This lack of communication can often lead to a slow home move and could play a part in your home move not completing. ”

He outlined the core service levels that the Conveyancers on the Fridaysmove panel must to adhere to. All Fridaysmove’s clients receive:

  • Direct access to their Solicitor via email and telephone.
  • One dedicated Solicitor from start to finish.
  • An option of having online case tracking.
  • Access to the Fridaysmove Conveyancing Progression Team – Monday to Saturday.

Solicitors do not need a survey to tell them that customer experience is not their strongest suit. The Fridaysmove team is devoted to promoting the services of the UK’s best conveyancing solicitors.

With Fridaysmove on the telephone, Conveyancing Solicitors can concentrate on what they are good at – guiding the smooth purchase and sale of property. All the while Fridaysmove ensure that customers receive the attention that they deserve.

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