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Will I need a Home Buyers Survey?

If you are planning on obtaining a mortgage, your lender will send a valuer to inspect your property.

Please note: although this survey can be taken as a reasonable indication of whether the valuer thinks the property is worth the amount you want to borrow, it must not be confused with the more detailed HomeBuyer Report.
The HomeBuyer Report is far more detailed than the basic valuation and, more importantly, is for your benefit rather than the mortgage lender’s. The majority of people decide to commission for a HomeBuyer Report when buying a home. This Home Buyers Survey helps inform you whether you want to proceed with the purchase at the agreed price and makes you aware of any urgent problems that may affect the property.

You can get a Home Survey Quote for a HomeBuyer Report or a Building Survey from Fridaysmove in seconds.

We would recommend this as the best way of ensuring that your prospective purchases that are under 50 years old, conventionally constructed and in generally sound condition.

If the property is over 75 years old and you are concerned about its condition, you are well advised to obtain a Building Survey.

The Building Survey is more exhaustive and is intended to uncover more long-term issues which newer, conventional properties are unlikely to be affected by.

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