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What can we do as Conveyancers to speed up the Conveyancing process?

Fridaysmove pride ourselves in being as proactive as possible in driving the transactions through as quickly as possible.   We fully appreciate that the longer a conveyancing transaction drags on, the more chance there is of a transaction falling apart.   We have always prided ourselves as having low abort rates compared to the industry standard.  

That being said, Conveyancing transactions can only be as quick as the slowest party in the chain.   Sometimes it may well be a Conveyancing solicitor’s fault in the chain but sometimes it may be the individual buyer or seller in the chain.   Sometimes we will involve the agents or yourselves to speak to the buyer or seller to suggest that they contact the Solicitors in the chain for the parties to see if the matter can be pushed forward.   Please however bear in mind that there can be a number of reasons for delays, it may be beyond one party’s fault, such as waiting for planning permission or mortgage offer.

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