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Introduction to Lease Extensions

Lease extension conveyancing lawyers over the last 20 years have anticipated a significant legislative move towards making lease extensions easier and cheaper for residential leasehold owners. In reality, over the last 2 decades it has only become marginally easier to qualify for a lease extension, however, the calculations remain as complex as ever and it has certainly not become any less expensive.

The area of lease extensions is a potential minefield for conveyancing lawyers and tenants. It definitely pays to seek expert conveyancing advice when extending a residential lease. Fridaysmove has a particular expertise in all areas of lease extension conveyancing. London, in particular, has a high density of leasehold properties where the remaining number of years are less than 80.

Although Fridays’ offices are in London and are clearly used to conveyancing London transactions, the nuances of lease extension conveyancing applies throughout England and Wales. We set out below some of the more common questions and enquiries we have received on lease extensions and trust the lease extension advice below is of use but please bear in mind that it is (very) general conveyancing advice and if you are considering extending your lease you should speak to your property lawyer or conveyancing solicitor about your specific circumstances.

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