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I have a buyer for my home. What happens next?

Make contact with your conveyancing solicitor or property lawyer   as soon as possible. If you have a mortgage, your conveyancer need your account number as your lender may hold the deeds to your home. You will also need to send a copy of the HIP to your conveyancer as they will need to send this to the buyer’s property solicitor.

We will send you a Seller's Property Information Form and Fixtures Fittings and Form to fill in.

The Seller's Property Information Form gives details about the property ( not that dissimilar to the Property Information Questionnaire ), e.g. which boundaries you look after and what guarantees you may have for the property. The Fixtures Fittings Form sets out which items you are leaving at the property and which you are taking, e.g. oven and fridge.

These conveyancing forms are very important as your buyer is entitles to rely upon this information and could potentially sue in the event that the information proves to be inaccurate.

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