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How long does Conveyancing take?

In an ideal world the property you are buying or selling would be empty, freehold, chain free and there would be no mortgage required.   Under these unlikely circumstances the Conveyancing could be wrapped up in a few days.

In all probability some if not all of these factors will exist in a transaction and as a result a typical conveyancing will between 4 and 6 weeks to get to the point of exchanging contracts.   A further 2 to 3 weeks is likely between exchange of contracts and completion.

There are no guarantees therefore as there are so many other parties involved in a transaction that all to often the machine turns at the speed of the slowest cog.

Fridaysmove believe that it is the Conveyancing solicitor or lawyer's obligation to push all parties involved in the Conveyancing process.   Our pro-active and commercial approach give you the very best chance of successfully completing your sale or purchase within the minimum possible time.

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