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Can I have access to the property prior to completion?

If  the property is empty the seller may well allow access to the property before completion. The usual reason is that there is essential work which needs to be carried out. If access is required please notify us as soon as possible so that a request can be made to the Sellers' property solicitors. If this is to be agreed (and more often than not it is refused) access is normally permitted provided exchange of contracts has taken place, paid a deposit and signed a key undertaking. For more information on key undertakings as well as a copy of a key undertaking please see Top Conveyancing Tips – Access in between exchange and completion

The key undertaking can come in a number of formats but it normally provides that you will not take possession of the property, that you will be allowed to carry out works which are referred to in the key Undertaking and that you will become responsible for any services which may be used whilst you have access to the property.


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