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Property Record

Family apartment in Birmingham is a good prospect according to HomeBuyer Report

A HomeBuyer Report on a Birmingham flat has posed few obstacles to a quick sale.

Handy family location in Home Buyers Survey in Birmingham

The property was located in the Great Barr area of Birmingham just off the major thoroughfare of Walshall Road.

The two-bedroom flat in this Home Buyers Survey was positioned behind a busy shopping and restaurant area and therefore offered great convenience and a good lifestyle choice.

The Holy Name Primary School and Great Barr Day Nursery were within easy walking distance making the apartment a good proposition for a young family.

Great Barr has long been a busy commercial and residential hub because of its position near major highways and as a bridging suburb between Birmingham, West Bromwich and Walshall.

Birmingham home in good condition, says HomeBuyer Report

Constructed in 2004, the property was still in good repair and needed few works done to it.

The only maintenance issue that the Surveyor was concerned by was the apparent neglect of the building’s guttering. Vegetation was clogging the plumbing and leading to overspill of water.

The Surveyor also suspected that there would be problems with deteriorated gutter joints in the event of heavy rainfall – not a rare occurrence in the West Midlands.

Broken guttering can lead to major complications; as was seen in another recent Building Survey for a Fridaysmove client.

This would need to be cleared immediately and could be avoided in future with a normal maintenance routine.

The utilities required professional testing to confirm they were safe. This is fairly standard for real-estate purchases in the UK. Homeowners often fail to have their properties routinely inspected for the safety of their electricity, gas and water.

The Home Buyers Survey in Birmingham confirmed that the valuation of £86 000 would be a reasonable purchase for the prospective buyer.

The client could now go ahead with the purchase; safe in the knowledge that their HomeBuyer Report in Birmingham had assured that the property did not contain major hidden defects.

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