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Fake Conveyancers discovered by SRA

Fake Conveyancing firms designed to fleece consumers have been identified by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  

The SRA reports that a company called Gokciler & Co Ltd at 88 Bowyer Road, Alum Rock, Birmingham, B8 1ES, was masquerading as a subsidiary of legitimate Conveyancing firm Gokciler Solicitors. The legitimate firm’s address is 228b Dalston Lane, London, E8 1LA.

The cloned firm was set up in an attempt to defraud would-be Conveyancing clients.  

This is the third in a recent trend of fraudulent operations to be flagged by the SRA. Previous fraudulent firms were ACS Associates/A. C. S. Associates and AA Law.  

SRA issues an alert

The SRA has issued an alert regarding the Gokciler scam, saying: 

“Any dealings with Gokciler & Co Ltd at Bowyer Road, Birmingham, particularly if it involves the payment of money, should be reported urgently to the SRA red alert line on 01926 4396731 or  0845 8500999 or [email protected], or to the police. ”

The world of Conveyancing is a bewildering one for many consumers. There are more than 9, 000 registered Conveyancers in the UK. This diversity provides a healthy amount of market competition. However, the Byzantine nature of the sector makes it difficult to regulate, hence the recent spate of fraudulent law firms.

Dealing with a reputable legal services provider, such as Fridaysmove, gives clients an added layer of security. We develop enduring relationships with reputable Conveyancing firms. It is our business to understand the legal sector and ensure our clients do not succumb to its pitfalls. Our nationwide Conveyancing panel is hand-selected on the basis of excellence and reliability – and on the firms actually existing.


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