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Election 2010: Liberal Democrats vow to scrap HIPs too!

In their 2010 Election manifesto launched on April 14th 2010, the Liberal Democrats stated that they would “Scrap burdensome Home Information Packs, retaining the requirement for homes to have an energy performance certificate. ”  To read the whole manifesto go here.

At last one of the main parties has acknowledged that the HIP may be dead, but the EPC lingers on!

This pledge was buried away on page 78, but it signals the death of the HIP should there be anything other than a Labour victory.

Our view is that the Home Information Pack could serve a very valuable purpose in improving Conveyancing, but as the Government bottled it when they created the HIP it has become a distraction.   We just hope that when it does come to abolishing the HIP, the Government (whomever they area) take some time to think it over and in particular look at the concept of making Conveyancing Contracts more Exchange-Ready.

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