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Dodgy roof causes mould infestation in Halifax Building Survey

A Building Survey in Halifax has revealed defective roof construction that could multiply into serious problems if it were not rectified.

In general the semi-detached property was considered to be structurally sound and a reasonable purchase.  

The two-bedroom post-war home was located conveniently for commuting to either Halifax or the regional centre of Bradford.

The problem begins at the top, says Building Survey in Halifax

The property was protected from the elements by a natural slate tile roof. Unfortunately, reported the Building Survey, the roof had not been fitted with an underlying sarking felt cover. In this type of roof, the sarking acts to stop any rain or snow that is driven between the tile joints.

Building Survey in Halifax finds mould beneath leaking tiles

The Building Surveyor clambered into the roof void to observe the damage (if any) that had been caused by the absent felt. He was disappointed to find extensive evidence of mould spores.  

In the Building Survey report he said:

“The exposed roof timbers within the roof void were inspected and we can confirm that we did note evidence of mould spores which have flourished as a result of the damp conditions. ”

Mould can be a dangerous health hazard and can spread rapidly. Fungal spores attach to timber and actually eat it away, compromising the integrity of a structure. The best way to avoid or cure a mould problem is to remove the moisture that it needs to survive.

A watertight roof is the solution – Building Survey in West Yorkshire

The client would be wise, said the Chartered Surveyor, to take immediate action to repair the roof by installing a layer of felt beneath the tiles.

“The roof tile covering is clearly not fully watertight and if left in its current state the damp timbers could prove an ideal environment for wet rot or similar; evidence of mould already evident. We would therefore recommend that the roof be fully stripped and re-covered. ”

In addition to this significant work, the damage that had already occurred would need to be reversed.

The Surveyor noted that:

“It is likely that all roof timbers will need to be treated with an appropriate antifungal agent. All treatment works should be carried out by a contractor who is a member of the PCA – Property Care Association. ”

The total cost of these works led the Surveyor to believe the property was over-valued by £7 500. The client should take the recommendations contained within the Building Survey into account before continuing with the purchase of the Halifax home.


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