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Property Record

“Dilapidated,” says Property Survey in Surrey

A flat has been assessed during a Property Survey in Surrey. The Chartered Surveyor found the entire six-apartment block to be in a fairly dismal condition.  

A number of the defects were in areas that should have been repaired by the block’s management body. The Surveyor was concerned that this negligence reflected an ineffective level of organisation by the landlords who owned the property.

A series of worrying defects found by Property Survey in Surrey

The Edgham Surveyor returned a HomeBuyer Report to our client that raised concerns about:

  • The “severely neglected and limited communal garden areas”.
  • Rotting window frames.
  • “Dilapidated” fitted base and wall units which needed replacement.
  • Internal and external walls that required complete redecoration.

Adding to the disrepair was a noise problem that emanated from the nearby railway. However, the flat did have reasonable access to shops, schools and transport due to its relative proximity to Edgham’s town centre.

Property Survey in Surrey raises concerns over responsibility for repairs

The Surveyor was worried that the buyer would be entering a complicated situation whereby the necessary repairs could not just be attended to by the seller.

Instead they may be trying to persuade the entire management committee to contribute. This may be difficult in light of the apparent disregard that was evident during the Property Survey:

“It would seem certain that there are definite breaches of covenants on behalf of the landlords and/or managing agents as well as failure to comply with modern day requirements for health and safety etc. and, to probably a lesser extent, breaches of covenants by the lessees with regard to such matters as the dilapidated condition of the window frames. ”

The Surveyor recommended that the buyer should not proceed to sale unless this matter was clarified.

The Property Survey in Surrey reported that: “The obvious disrepair to floor coverings, window frames and garden areas etc. are clearly posing risks to the safety of people using the building and surrounding areas. "

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