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Property Record

Dependable home from an uncertain time during Building Survey in Coventry

A Building Survey in Coventry has assessed a home that summed up the stoicism and resilience of an era.

Mr L was considering buying the 1930s home and Fridaysmove advised him that, given the age of the structure, he would be wise to order a full Building Survey. This would provide a comprehensive run down of the house’s condition and stability. For only a little extra cost, Mr L could be sure that there were no nasty surprises lurking in the walls or beneath the floorboards.

When the Surveyor returned his assessment he noted the following defects:

  • A makeshift damp proof course (DPC). This would require monitoring as it may not prevent rising damp. DPCs become porous with time. This one had received chemical treatment but was still a concern.
  • A lack of sarking felt or other roof lining. Short of removing the roof covering, the only thing that could be done about this was to inspect the roof regularly and ensure that all tiles remained in place.
  • It was likely that the building contained asbestos hidden within the construction.  
  • The gutters were a pastiche of old and new, metal and plastic parts. These were showing signs of leaking and overspill and would require repair and possibly replacement in some sections.

All of these problems, said the Surveyor, could be repaired at relatively little expense. Mr L could now proceed to sale certain that nothing major was wrong with the property.

Building Survey in Coventry enjoys peaceful country atmosphere

This Building Survey in Coventry took place in a quiet corner of the Warwickshire countryside. The village of New Arley was originally built to cater for the influx of miners to the area during the first half of last century. Since the decline of mining in the area, the village has remained a quiet, well serviced settlement. It has its own school and a number of shops. It is also less than 10 miles from Coventry city centre and less than 20 miles from Birmingham.

Inter-war home shows the character of its era in Building Survey in Coventry

Homes built between the wars are renowned for being of solid construction. This Building Survey in Coventry was able to report to Mr L that the Warwickshire home was, in the fashion of its time, solid and dependable.

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