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Countrywide Conveyancing Means We Come to You

At Fridaysmove we aim to offer ‘countrywide conveyancing’, meaning that our solicitors can give you fantastic conveyancing services, wherever you are in the country. Whether you’re moving halfway across the map or are based somewhere remote, no conveyancing job is too far away for us.

Where are you based?
Finding a solicitor who is not only professional, transparent and efficient, but also local, can be very difficult. While you can use a solicitor search engine like The Solicitor Finder, which allows you to search by location as well as price, mortgage lender and guarantees, you can also do just as well using one of our countrywide conveyancers. We have solicitors based all over the country and it really doesn’t matter where you are based.

Even remote areas?
Yes, even remote areas! When we say our conveyancing solicitors are countrywide, we really mean it. We’ve got conveyancing experts from Newcastle to Portsmouth and everywhere in-between, so if you’re based in a tiny village somewhere and are worried we might not reach you, give us a call, you’d be surprised how far out we will go for our clients.

What do you need?
So are you in need of countrywide residential conveyancing or commercial, remortgaging, or even transfer of equity? The solicitors we work with cover all of these, with each firm offering fully qualified and accredited services, and all of them happy to come to you.

What do we offer?
Our services are vouched for by numerous glowing reviews from clients across the country, and we are proud to offer a number of great guarantees. Whatever solicitor you are matched to and wherever you are on the map, we always offer Fixed Fees, which means your quote stays the same throughout the whole conveyancing process and we will never add on any extra charges once we’ve agreed a price.

We also offer a ‘No Move No Fee’ guarantee which means that should your house purchase or sale fall through, we’ll do your conveyancing for free on the next one. This can potentially save you thousands in the long run and again, doesn’t matter where your new house is based.

But what if I’m moving very far away?
Then we’ll help you! No move is too far for us and if we need to do extra conveyancing searches or speak with local authorities for any reason, then we will do. Wherever you are based in the country, we will make sure you are ready to move as quick as possible – wherever that may be to – this is what we mean by ‘countrywide conveyancing’, we really will go to the ends of the earth (or country) for you!

If you’d like to find out exactly where our fantastic countrywide conveyancing solicitors are based, give us a call on 0800 038 6446 or use our free online quote service to see how much we can save you, no matter where you’re based.

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