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Independent reviews recommend using Fridaysmove's conveyancing solicitors to 1, 000's of home buyers and sellers every month.

We guarantee that this quote is fixed, and include No Completion, No Fee protection.

Get a quote for a move online today, or, if you wish, telephone a conveyancing advisor on 0330 660 0286.

Cheap conveyancing in Tower Hamlets

When hunting for cheap conveyancing in Tower Hamlets, it is best to always get other quotes. Also, don't forget to read the solicitors terms of engagement for extra fees .

We provide the lowest cost CQS accredited house moving lawyers in East London. In addition to cheap rates, service levels are both without compromise and highly recommended.

Do you know if your Tower Hamlets new home is located in an at risk conservation area?

Conservation areas are designated by Local Authorities to control change in locales that people wish to preserve the character of. However, sadly many are falling into a state of disrepair e.g. poorly maintained roads and pavements.

The following conservation areas are reported as at risk:

  • Tower Hamlets Cemetery, Bow - very bad, low vulnerability and deteriorating significantly.
  • London Hospital, Stepney - very bad, low vulnerability and improving significantly.
  • Wentworth Street, Bethnal Green - very bad, low vulnerability and no significant change.
  • Whitechapel High Street, Bethnal Green - very bad, low vulnerability and improving significantly.
  • Redchurch Street, Bethnal Green - very bad, low vulnerability and improving.

Fast Conveyancing Solicitors in Tower Hamlets

Our Tower Hamlets conveyancing experts will proactively push the transaction forward, meaning that they will actively engage with other parties to reduce communication delays. Selecting a proactive conveyancing solicitor is a step towards improving the likelihood of completing your home move faster. However there are a number of things you can do to accelerate your conveyancing:

  • Turnaround proof of identification promptly
  • Arrange your mortgage finances as early as possible
  • If you are buying, send any specific questions you have to your solicitor as soon as you can

Following these steps alone could reduce the time it takes to complete your sale or purchase by several days.

No Completion, No Fee Conveyancing in Tower Hamlets - Our Guarantee

It is decidedly stressful when your Tower Hamlets home move fails. A lot of reasons might culminate in the legal process aborting, like a seller pulling out or a defective lease.

With our No Completion, No Fee assurance, clients will not incur any solicitors fees if your property transaction fails to go ahead.

The deposit paid will be transferred to another purchase or sale and you will only have to pay for any disbursements, e.g. drainage and water searches.

The Myth of Local Solicitors vs. Online Conveyancing

Buyers and sellers who have chosen traditional high street lawyers in the past sometimes feel the cheap fees offered on a conveyancing website are simply too good to be true, or suggests that the service they receive will be worse.

One assumption associated with 'online conveyancing' is that disadvantages to will be inevitable when choosing a cheaper online property lawyer. In fact, locally-based, but old-fashioned, slow firms exist, as do low-cost, highly-recommended firms who market their services online.

Our group of conveyancers offer the benefits of both approaches, an office in the area, and lower-cost conveyancing fees.


Fridaysmove's remortgage-specialist conveyancers take care of the necessary work on behalf of owners who plan to remortgage their home.

Our conveyancers can act for all major building societies and lenders nationally. Our communicative approach should improve the likelihood that completions will occur sooner, meaning you can benefit from your new mortgage rate earlier.

A guide for comparing Tower Hamlets solicitors conveyancing fees

Home mover legal costs divide into two distinct parts referred to as disbursements and fees.

Solicitors fees are the sums that the home mover pays to the Tower Hamlets lawyer for the actual legal work.

Solicitors disbursements, for example a Chancel Repair Search or contingent buildings indemnity insurance, are extra charges incurred by the Tower Hamlets conveyancer and passed on to the home mover.

The secret to comparing Tower Hamlets conveyancing solicitors charges is to check over the solicitor contractual terms.

New Build Conveyancing in Tower Hamlets

As house prices continue to rise and property becomes scarce, new build homes are becoming more popular.

Conveyancing for new build homes presents numerous challenges for a property lawyer. Tight deadlines can also cause problems.

House Prices in Tower Hamlets

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 264, 592
May 2005 277, 118
May 2006 292, 181
May 2007 341, 578
May 2008 377, 912
May 2009 319, 528
May 2010 342, 366
May 2011 349, 063
May 2012 358, 602
May 2013 367, 936

In September 2019, 1,711 trusted us in Kent and throughout country

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