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Conveyancing Solicitors London - Get a Quote for Conveyancing in London

Every month our London Conveyancing Solicitors help hundreds of home movers across the capital. Our proactive approach is particularly suited to London HomeBuyers and sellers where competition for properties is intense. Our panel of London based conveyancing solicitors will help you move home faster.

The average price of a home in London now stands at £492, 000 (Source: Office of National Statistics 17/09/2014). Spiralling house prices mean that Londoners, more than anyone else, need to work had to keep the cost of moving down. Our London Conveyancing Solicitors help you budget by offering the best value conveyancing fees in London.

Unlike some London conveyancing firms, your solicitor will never add any additional fees in the terms and conditions, meaning no nasty surprises when you receive the conveyancing solicitor's bill.

We guarantee that your conveyancing fees will be fixed, and include a No Completion, No Fee guarantee. This guarantee applies even if you choose to pull out.

Get a quote for conveyancing in London to find out what your fees will be, or call our London conveyancing specialists on 0330 660 0286 for a quote. We look forward to helping with your move.

Cheap property conveyancing in London

Fridaysmove London conveyancing solicitor panel are all regulated by the SRA or CLC. In addition to our cheap fees, service standards are both exceptional and highly recommended by our clients.

Comparing conveyancing quotes from a number of London conveyancing solicitors is key to finding the best fees.

However cheap conveyancing quotes can be misleading as they frequently contain hidden fees in the solicitors terms of engagement.

Roadandrail in London

Road and Rail Construction

Buyers will want to know if major roadwork's are planned in the vicinity of their prospective purchase, which might affect the property. Your solicitor will undertake relevant searches to show whether the property is within 200 metres of:

  • any proposed new road
  • any proposed alteration to an existing road involving construction of an underpass, flyover, bridge, elevated road or roundabout
  • road widening or making an existing road a dual carriageway
  • a proposed railway, tramway, light railway or monorail
Buyers should be aware that local searches can only reveal either schemes which have already been approved, or which have been formally proposed.

London Conveyancing Solicitor knowledge of road and railway schemes:

The Greater London Authority (in conjunction with Transport for London) is responsible for overall transport strategy in London. With continuing pressure on transport facilities in the London area, there are several plans and proposals for future railway development and the extension and upgrading of existing lines. In particular work on the Crossrail scheme is now in hand at several locations, while plans for the proposed HS2 line will affect many properties in parts of North West London. Your Solicitor will have details of any plans that might affect property in your area, and the impact that might have on your future home.

Your London prospective new home could be in a designated at risk conservation area

Conservation areas are designated by Local Authorities to control change in areas that people would like to protect from decay.

Living in a designated area can add a significant amount to the value of your property. However, sadly many are falling into a state of disrepair e.g. removal of boundary walls and hedges.

If you are concerned you can also see the English Heritage website for the latest details.

Tips for completing the conveyancing for your move faster

Our conveyancers in London will take action to push your sale or purchase forward, meaning that they will facilitate communication between the parties to reduce delays. Additionally, there are numerous steps you can follow to fast-track your conveyancing:

  • Send questions about the property you plan to buy to your solicitor as soon as you can
  • Swiftly complete and return questionnaires quickly
  • Arrange your mortgage finances as soon as you can

Following these steps alone could reduce the time it takes to complete your sale or purchase by several days. Assuming you require your move to complete sooner, do not delay. Instruct your solicitor now here, or call 0845 643 5785.

The Peace of Mind of No Completion, No Fee Conveyancing in London

It can be decidedly stressful when your London transaction falls through at the last minute. A great number of causes may lead to the process aborting, for instance changes in circumstances or a poor survey.

With our No Completion, No Fee guarantee, you will not have to pay any solicitors fees should your property transaction fails to complete.

Any London solicitors deposit can be put towards your alternative property or sale and you will just need to reimburse the solicitor for any disbursements incurred, for instance environmental searches.

Environmental in London

Environmental conveyancing searches on London properties

Whether it concerns flooding, subsidence or contamination, our London conveyancing solicitors ensure that you are aware of the risks to your planned purchase.

Your solicitor will undertake an environmental search to uncover issues which may impact your decision to purchase a specific property during the conveyancing in London process.

Liability for clearing up any contaminated land in London generally lies with the original contaminator. A remediation notice may be issued which will force the liable party to clean up the contamination, if they do not agree to do so voluntarily. Unfortunately, if they cannot be found, then the owner of the land could be required to pay for the work, even if they are entirely innocent. A full copy of the detailed technical report used to generate the search results may also be available to you. Ask your London conveyancing solicitor for more details.

London Conveyancing Solicitors for your Remortgage

Our London remortgage specialists take care of the legal work on behalf of London property owners intending to remortgage their property, and our unbeatably low conveyancing solicitor's fees are fixed.

Our Conveyancing Solicitors in London can act on behalf of every lender and building society in the country.

Our proactive approach means that solicitors are often able to complete the remortgage conveyancing on London Properties. The sooner you complete the sooner you could be benefiting from the new rate.

Advice when comparing London solicitors conveyancing fees

London solicitors costs are split into a couple of separate areas, namely disbursements and legal fees.

The fees are the monies that the customer pays to the London conveyancer for handling the conveyancing.

Disbursements, e.g. lost deeds indemnity insurance or a Development Risk Review (Renaissance), are just extra costs sustained by the London conveyancing solicitor and passed on to the buyer or seller.

It is crucial to carefully scrutinise the conveyancers official terms of business when comparing London solicitors conveyancing fees. Hidden conveyancing fees can double the bill. Be vigilant for things like further fees for a contribution to solicitors professional indemnity.

New Build Conveyancing in London

When buying a new build home, purchasers can often be expected to exchange contracts and commit to the purchase having only viewed a show home.

In some cases, new build homes are marketed with free or discounted legal fees, although it is likely that your developer will recover the cost of this deal through other fees, getting completely independent advice is the main reason to find your London conveyancing solicitor yourself. Settling for the developer's choice of conveyancing solicitor can result in a conflict of interest.

Our new build London conveyancing solicitor team focus on new build. Although new build legal work is more complicated (due to the initial registration process) you won't be charged any additional conveyancing fees.

Disadvantaged in London

In June 2014, 2, 417 home buyers and sellers in Greater London and across the UK trusted our conveyancing solicitors with their move

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