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Fridaysmove feel conveyancing doesn't need to be stressful. Fridaysmove's nationwide network of friendly and communicative solicitors are conveyancing specialists who guide 1, 000's of buyers and sellers each month.

Your quote comes with a No Sale, No Fee guarantee, and we guarantee that the conveyancing fees are fixed.

Get a quote for your house move, or, alternatively, call a member of our team on 0330 660 0286.

Cheap Liverpool conveyancing

We offer the lowest cost SRA-regulated residential property lawyers in Merseyside. In addition to these cheap rates, service levels are both unparalleled and recommended by 97% of clients.

It is recommended that you always get a minimum of 3 quotes when trying to find cheap Liverpool solicitors and always read all of the small print for any things to look for include .

Do you know if your prospective new home is in a area designated as an at risk conservation area?

Conservation areas are designated by Councils to oversee change in areas that people want to protect from incongruous development. There are 9, 300 of them in the UK so most of us live near, if not in one Unfortunately however, many are being neglected e.g. parks and green spaces neglected.

The following conservation areas are reported as at risk:

  • Castle Street, Liverpool - poor, low vulnerability and deteriorating significantly.
  • Ogden Close, Liverpool - poor, medium vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • Princes Road, Liverpool - poor, medium vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • Derwent Square, Liverpool - poor, low vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • Newsham Park, Liverpool - very bad, low vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • Duke Street, Liverpool - poor, medium vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • Stanley Dock, Liverpool - very bad, medium vulnerability and deteriorating significantly.

Contact Steve Corbett on 0151 233 5623 for more information.

You can also go to here for the latest information.

Guidance for completing the legal work faster

Fridaysmove's conveyancing specialists in Liverpool can drive your sale or purchase through to completion by facilitating communication between the parties to reduce delays. Furthermore, there is a range of steps you can follow to accelerate the move:

  • Arrange (and pay for) management information early in the process
  • Send questions about the property you plan to buy to your solicitor quickly
  • Turnaround certified identification promptly

You can potentially shave a week or more off the conveyancing process with these suggestions. If your move is time-pressured, don't delay. Instruct your property lawyer today here, or call our team on 0845 643 5785.

No Completion, No Fee Conveyancing Solicitors in Liverpool

It is always exceedingly distressing when your Liverpool property transaction falls through at the last hour.

Thanks to our No Completion, No Fee guarantee, clients will not pay for any solicitors fees in the event that your sale or purchase does not complete.

The deposit can be moved to another property sale or purchase and you will only have to reimburse the solicitor for disbursements, for instance office copies.

Online Conveyancing

In fact, fees, speed or quality of communication have hardly anything to do with whether or not a conveyancing lawyer markets their services online.

While some home buyers prefer to be able to visit their property lawyer in person, it is not necessary. An attentive and pragmatic property lawyer will often complete your conveyancing faster than a lawyer who requires you to come to their office.

Remortgage Legal Work

Remortgage-specialist property lawyers who work with us handle all the legal work for home owners intending to remortgage their house.

Our Liverpool conveyancers can act on behalf of all major building societies and lenders.

Guide on comparing Liverpool solicitors conveyancing fees

Home mover legal costs are composed of two discrete parts, specifically legal fees and disbursements.

Conveyancing disbursements, e.g. a Siteguard Report or an Energy Report - Residential, are third party charges sustained by the Liverpool conveyancing solicitor and paid by the seller or buyer at the end. Solicitors conveyancing fees are the monies that the client pays to the Liverpool conveyancer for the conveyancing.

It is crucial to study the solicitors terms and conditions when comparing Liverpool solicitors conveyancing fees.

Conveyancing for a New Build House in Liverpool

The shortage of existing housing stock has prompted more new housing developments. Benefits when looking at new build homes include lower energy consumption, but cons may include the build schedule's potential for delay.

Things to think about when buying newly built property include whether planning permission has been granted. Considering the time factors and potential complexity of newly built property purchases, proceeding to instruct your property lawyer as soon as possible is advisable.

In addition to new build property, many parts of the UK have seen warehouses and other industrial buildings converted into flats. When conveyancing in Bristol, Liverpool and other port cities, solicitors will be mindful of the complexities of transacting these leasehold flats and warehouse conversions.

Merseyside House Prices

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 101, 860
May 2005 120, 676
May 2006 124, 864
May 2007 133, 924
May 2008 133, 830
May 2009 113, 746
May 2010 114, 610
May 2011 109, 880
May 2012 106, 311
May 2013 102, 329

In June 2019, 1,711 trusted Fridaysmove in Merseyside and the country

Fridaysmove is a specialist group of solicitors with offices all over the country. Recent clients :

  • Freehold Sale on Yew Tree Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L12, £125,000
  • Leasehold Purchase on Woodsome Park, Liverpool, L25, £68,000
  • Freehold Home Purchase on Corney Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L7, £35,000
  • Apartment Sale on Stanley Park Avenue South, Liverpool, Merseyside, L4, £93,500