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We are a nationwide panel of communicative and professional conveyancing solicitors, delivering our exceptional quality of service to home buyers and sellers in Hillingdon.

Your conveyancing quote comes with No Completion, No Fee protection, and we guarantee that your quote is fixed.

You can get a fixed fee quote to find out how low your property lawyer's fees will be, or contact a member of our conveyancing team on 0330 660 0286 if you would like to get your move underway.

Cheap Hillingdon conveyancing lawyers

If you are searching for cheap conveyancing solicitors in Hillingdon, it will pay to obtain a few quotes and make sure you comb through the formal small print for any terms .

We offer the very best value CQS accredited home moving lawyers in West London. In addition to our cheap fees, our quality of service is unparalleled and recommended by our customers.

Do you know if your Hillingdon new home purchase is designated an at risk conservation area?

Conservation areas are defined by Local Councils to control change in residential areas that people would like to protect from decay. However, sadly many are falling into a state of disrepair e.g. proliferation of satellite dishes.

The following conservation areas are reported as at risk:

  • Hayes Village - fair, low vulnerability and deteriorating significantly.
  • Harmondsworth Village, Heathrow Villages - poor, low vulnerability and deteriorating significantly.
  • Longford Village, Heathrow Villages - poor, low vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • Harlington Village, Heathrow Villages - poor, medium vulnerability and deteriorating.

Alternatively go to the English Heritage website for further info.

Advice for Faster Hillingdon Conveyancing

Your conveyancing solicitor can push the move through to completion. This includes contacting other parties to facilitate fewer communication delays. Additionally, there is a range of steps you can follow to accelerate your conveyancing:

  • Collate management documents early
  • Ask specific questions of your solicitor as soon as you can
  • Turnaround proof of identification quickly

Following these steps alone could reduce the time it takes to complete your sale or purchase by several days. If you do need to move as fast as possible you can instruct a conveyancer here, or call 0845 643 5785.

No Completion, No Fee Conveyancing Solicitors in Hillingdon

It is particularly disconcerting when your Hillingdon transaction falls through before completion. Numerous issues can conclude in the purchase or sale falling through, for instance a buyer pulling out or an unsatisfactory structural report.

With our No Completion, No Fee guarantee, you will not have to pay any property lawyers fees in the event that your home move does not proceed.

The deposit can be moved to your alternative property or sale and you only need to reimburse the solicitor for disbursements incurred, e.g. searches for example.

Will HS2 affect Hillingdon homes?

The Government is planning on building a high speed rail link between London and Scotland called High Speed 2 (HS2). London commuters heading to the West Midlands will be able to use this line by 2026, with work starting in approximately five years. HS2's affect on property values and the environment is of concern to many Hillingdon inhabitants. A search by your property lawyer will indicate if a Hillingdon residence is within two hundred metres of the planned route. The exact distance between a residence and the proposed route will be difficult to ascertain reliably, as will be the impact on nearby property.

High Speed 2 (HS2) Searches

Properties further than 200m away from the line, and therefore not covered by the relevant local authority search, will nevertheless be affected. Lasting for at least 8 years, works may cause severe disruption local Hillingdon residents. Fortunately, the more detailed HIGHSPEED 2 search encompasses the area within a 1, 000 metre radius of a property:

  • Is the property located near stage one of the line?
  • How will works affect the property?
  • How will the fully operational line affect the property in years to come?
  • Is the nearby route in a cutting, in a tunnel, or on a viaduct?

A £ 10 million indemnity insurance also protects homeowners receiving a HS2 search. If you are concerned and want more detailed information you should raise this with your conveyancing solicitor.

If my property is within 200m should I be concerned?

Properties further than 200m away from the line, and therefore not covered by the relevant local authority search, will nevertheless be affected. A HS2 search is also of relevance to buyers within 200m of the line. For affected residences, the government is launching new compensation measures by Autumn 2012. Fridaysmove do not intend to comment on he merits of the scheme of the adequacy of compensation procedures.

Online Hillingdon Conveyancing Solicitors

Home buyers and sellers who have chosen traditional high street lawyers for a previous sale or purchase might feel that lower fees quoted by a solicitor they have found online are simply too good to be true, or suggests that updates will be less frequent.

Whilst it is accurate that there is wide variance in the quality of conveyancing between solicitors, speed or cost have hardly anything to do with whether a solicitor markets their services on the Internet.

Though some home buyers prefer to be able to visit their conveyancing solicitor, you do not need to do so. An attentive and pragmatic property lawyer will help to move you faster than one you need to take time off work to meet in person.

Remortgage Legal Work

Fridaysmove's remortgage-specialist conveyancers handle work for home owners who plan to remortgage their house, and their very competitive solicitor's fees include no hidden extras in the small print.

These Hillingdon conveyancers will be able to act for all major building societies and lenders across the country.

Guide on comparing Hillingdon solicitors conveyancing fees

Legal costs are comprised of two key areas - disbursements and fees.

Solicitors disbursements, e.g. a Ground Stability Report (The Coal Authority), are essentially 3rd party charges incurred by the Hillingdon solicitor on your behalf. The fees are the sums you pay to the Hillingdon conveyancer for the actual legal work.

The best method to adopt when comparing Hillingdon solicitors costs is to make sure you read the conveyancing lawyers terms of business.

Hillingdon New Build Conveyancing

A shortage of existing housing stock has prompted increased new build construction. Advantages when looking at new build homes include better security, but disadvantages may include mortgage difficulties, particularly if construction is delayed.

Conveyancing for a newly built property presents additional obstacles for your conveyancing solicitors. Deadlines imposed by the developers can also create issues.

House Prices in Hillingdon

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 225, 825
May 2005 235, 044
May 2006 236, 248
May 2007 259, 789
May 2008 274, 038
May 2009 232, 494
May 2010 258, 356
May 2011 260, 213
May 2012 257, 709
May 2013 271, 152

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