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Fridaysmove's network of communicative and professional solicitors are conveyancing specialists who help sellers and property purchasers in Hammersmith And Fulham, West London, and throughout the UK.

For a standard sale or purchase, your fixed fee quote clearly states the fees you will pay when you move into your new home. A No Sale, No Fee guarantee is included with every Fridaysmove quote, at no additional cost.

You can get a fixed fee conveyancing quote to find out what your fees will be, or speak to one of our conveyancing team on 0330 660 0286 if you have any questions or would like to get things underway. We look forward to helping with your move.

Cheap Hammersmith And Fulham conveyancing lawyers

Fridaysmove only work with the best value CQS accredited residential property lawyers in West London. Furthermore, in addition to cheap rates, service standards are first rate and recommended by clients and agents.

It is suggested that you always get a few quotes when searching for cheap Hammersmith And Fulham solicitors and rifle through the accompanying fine print for any things to watch out .

Do you know if your Hammersmith And Fulham new home purchase is designated an at risk conservation area?

Are you thinking of buying a house or flat in a conservation area in Hammersmith And Fulham? Conservation areas are designated by Councils to preside over change in areas that people would like to protect from incongruous development. Unfortunately however, many are not being properly managed e.g. poorly maintained roads and pavements.

The following conservation areas are reported as at risk:

  • St Marys, Kensal Green - poor, low vulnerability and deteriorating.

Increase the likelihood of completing the legal work for your move sooner

Your solicitor in Hammersmith And Fulham can push your sale or purchase forward, meaning that they will contact the other parties involved in the transaction to facilitate communication. Selecting a quick conveyancing solicitor will be a step towards improving the chance your home move will complete faster, however there are a number of things you can do to speed up your conveyancing:

  • Secure your mortgage application early
  • Respond to requests for information as soon as possible
  • If you are buying, send specific enquiries to your solicitor as soon as you can

Following these steps alone could reduce the time it takes to complete your sale or purchase by several days.

No Completion, No Fee Conveyancing in Hammersmith And Fulham

It can be extremely distressing when your Hammersmith And Fulham home move collapses at the last minute. A lot of events can end up leading to the process not exchanging, such as changes in circumstances or a poor survey.

With the Fridaysmove no completion no fee guarantee, clients will not pay for any legal fees if your home move does not proceed.

Your deposit will be transferred to your next transaction and you will just need to cover disbursements, such as managing agent packs.

HS2 disruption to Hammersmith And Fulham homes

Rail journeys between London and Scotland will become much shorter, thanks to the proposed HS2 line. London commuters heading to the West Midlands will be able to use this line by 2026, with work starting in approximately five years. Many are concerned about the impact HS2 will have property values and their local environment. To check whether your property is within 200 metres of the proposed HS2 route, your solicitor will carry out a local authority search. Unfortunately, the search cannot give the complete picture of the full effect this line will have on local property.

Should you get a more accurate HS2 search?

Properties further than 200m away from the line, and therefore not covered by the relevant local authority search, will nevertheless be affected. Nearby residents will likely experience disruption as a result of HS2 construction, which could last upwards of 8 years. A more exacting search is available called a HIGHSPEED 2 search, which includes clear mapping to the nearest point of the proposed route (within a 1, 000 metre radius of your proposed purchase and answers a number of questions):

  • Is the property located near stage one of the line?
  • How will works affect the property?
  • How will the fully operational line affect the property in years to come?
  • Is the nearby route in a cutting, in a tunnel, or on a viaduct?

Ten million pounds professional indemnity insurance protects buyers with a HS2 search. We advise that you speak to your solicitor if you have any further questions.

Should you be worried if your home within 200m of HS2?

Construction work, traffic, noise pollution and vibration are all factors which could affect homes further than two hundred metres from HS2, but a local authority will not reveal this. The more detailed HS2 search will also provide you with more information. For homeowners whose properties are blighted, the government has announced that a new package of compensation. These measures to help those affected by the scheme are expected to be in place by Autumn 2012. Fridaysmove do not intend to comment on the merits of the scheme, nevertheless, the UKs current planning system, and the time it takes to implement large infrastructure schemes.

Online Conveyancing

A myth associated with 'online conveyancing' is that there will be negative consequences to choosing a lower-cost online solicitor over a high street firm. In fact, there are low-cost, highly-recommended firms who market their services online, and there are slow, high-street firms.

While some property purchasers prefer to be able to visit their solicitor, this is not essential. A pragmatic, proactive conveyancer should often move you faster than one you need to meet face-to-face.


Remortgage-specialist property lawyers who are members of Fridaysmove's panel handle all the legals for owners who plan to remortgage their house or flat. Fridaysmove's property lawyers charge low solicitor's fees, and additional charges.

These conveyancing solicitors will be able to act on behalf of each of the major lenders and building societies nationally.

Advice when comparing Hammersmith And Fulham solicitors conveyancing fees

Hammersmith And Fulham solicitors costs are made up of two different areas, namely fees and disbursements.

Disbursements, for instance a Regulated Local Authority Search - commercial or stamp duty, are essentially third party charges sustained by the Hammersmith And Fulham conveyancer and reimbursed by the client. Solicitors fees are the sums paid to the Hammersmith And Fulham solicitor for handling the conveyancing.

It is of vital importance that you always peruse the property lawyers contractual terms when comparing Hammersmith And Fulham solicitors conveyancing fees.

New Build Conveyancing in Hammersmith And Fulham

When buying a new build house or flat, buyers will often be expected to commit to the purchase by exchanging contracts before the building work is completed. There are unique advantages and disadvantages when purchasing new build properties. Benefits include being chain-free, whereas disadvantages include mortgage difficulties, particularly if construction is delayed.

Concerns when purchasing a new build property include addressing any applicable rights of way.

Hammersmith And Fulham House Prices

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 338, 733
May 2005 343, 940
May 2006 367, 335
May 2007 448, 620
May 2008 484, 624
May 2009 402, 170
May 2010 482, 358
May 2011 513, 079
May 2012 557, 375
May 2013 609, 403

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